Treaty No. 8 Anti-Racism Survey 2024

Tansi Treaty No. 8 Alberta is conducting a confidential survey of your personal experience of racism and discrimination in accessing health services in Alberta as a First Nations person.

Your input is vital to helping better understand the extent of racism experienced by First Nations in Alberta’s health services system in the hope of proposing changes in the system that would decrease discrimination and would help to improve your experiences in the health care system in future.Your input is highly confidential and any information gathered will be shared in aggregate form by Treaty No. 8 First Nations of Alberta.

This survey is being conducted by Treaty No. 8’s Edmonton-based well-being economist Mark Anielski.We don’t need your name or identity so your input is treated as confidential.

If you have any questions about the survey, please either Kimana Gillis (, Ann Nipshank (, or Mark Anielski (

Please share as your input is greatly appreciated!

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