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A Glimpse into first nations education within treaty 8

This is a unique and sometimes surprising inside look at the state of affairs within the Treaty 8 educational system. This relevant and enlightening documentary was produced by Treaty 8 Education Commission and Bear Paw Communications in 2011. It features three Northern Alberta First Nation communities included in the Treaty 8 educational system, Bigstone Cree Nation, Driftpile First Nation and Fort Chipewyan. This story is about the battles and obstacles facing the aboriginal education system and the people who are trying to make positive changes for younger generations.


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Archive Photos provided by the Provincial Archives of Alberta


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Education Commission


The Treaty 8 Education Commission prioritizes communication and collaboration from the membership of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta.

This communication section is a compilation of the Special Education and Special Projects Newsletters and other important documents and reports.

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Special Education


Special Education refers to the meeting of the individual learning needs of First Nations students who have mild, moderate, severe disabilities or gifted/talented abilities. First Nations values embrace the belief that all children can learn and reach their full potential in an environment conducive to meeting their learning needs.

For First Nations with special needs, learning environments must be based on the philosophy of holistic (mind, body, emotion, and spirit) learning and inclusive of language/ culture and parent/community involvement.

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Treaty 8: Education Commission

Find all contact information for the education commission staff.

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Band Operated Schools


There are 17 First Nation Schools within the 5 Tribal Councils and 1 Independent First Nation in the Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta region. The contact information for each school is categorized according to the Tribal Council and Independent First Nation regions. The map identifies the schools and their approximate geographical location with Treaty 8 (AB).

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