Consultation Contacts


The following is a list of consultation contacts for each of our Member Nations:

Nation Contact
Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
110B, 9816 Hardin Street
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 4K3
Doreen Somers
Phone: 780.791.9131
Fax: 780.791.3311
Beaver First Nation
Box 270
High Level AB
T0H 1Z0
Kieran Broderick
Land and Resources Advisor
Phone: 250.793.4595
Bigstone Cree Nation
P.O. Box 1710
Wabasca AB
T0G 2K0
Melvin Beaver
Director, Government and Industry Relations
Phone: 780.891.3836 ext. 290
Fax: 780.891.2163
Chipewyan Prairie First Nation
Suite 202, 9715 Main St.
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 4W1
Stacey Mouille
Environmental Coordinator
Chipewyan Prairie IRC
Dene Tha' First Nation
P.O. Box 120
Chateh AB
T0H 0S0
Baptist Metchooyeah
Consultation Coordinator
Phone: 780.321.3774 or 780.321.3775
Fax: 780.321.3886
Driftpile First Nation
Box 326
Slave Lake AB
T0G 2A0
Danny Bellerose
First Nation Liaison
Phone: 780.355.2197
Duncan's First Nation
P.O. Box 148
Brownvale AB
T0H 0L0
Conroy Sewepagaham
Phone: 780.597.3777
Fax: 780.597.3920
Fort McKay First Nation
P.O. Box 5905
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 4V9
Alvaro Pinto
Director, Sustainability Dept.
Phone: 780.828.2480
Fax: 780.828.4680
Cell: 780.799.6831
Fort McMurray #468 First Nation
Site 405, Mod 4, Comp 1,
RR 2 Fort McMurray AB
T9H 5S1
Nicholle Louvelle
Phone: 780.334.2400
Fax: 780.334.2457
Horse Lake First Nation
Box 303
Hythe AB
T0H 2C0
Barry Hochstein
Phone: 780.356.2472
Cell: 780.933.6503
Kapawe'no First Nation
P.O. Box 10
Grouard AB
T0G 1C0
Michelle Knibb
First Nation Liasion
Phone: 1.800.443.2044
Fax: 780.800.6998
Little Red River Cree Nation
P.O. Box 30
John D'Or Prairie AB
T0H 3X0
Lindee Dumas
Phone: 780.759.3912 or 780.759.2451
Harvey Sewepagaham
Loon River First Nation
P.O. Box 189
Red Earth Creek AB
T0G 1X0
Eva Whitehead
Acting Consultation Manager
Phone: 780.649.3883
Fax: 780.649.3873
Lubicon Lake Band
P.O. Box 6731
Peace River AB
T8S 1S5
Margaret Whitehead
Phone: 780.629.3945
Fax: 780.629.3939
Mikisew Cree First Nation
(Allison Bay Indian Reserve #219)
Suite 208, 9715 Main St.
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 1T5
Melody Lepine
IRC Director
Phone: 780.714.6500
Fax: 780.715.4098
Peerless Trout First Nation
P.O. Box 1128
Slave Lake AB
T0G 2A0
Doreen Seeseequon
Consultation Coordinator
Phone: 780.869.3985
Fax: 780.869.3986
Sawridge First Nation
P.O. Box 326
Slave Lake AB
T0G 2A0
Winona Twin
Phone: 780.849.4249
Smith's Landing First Nation
P.O. Box 1470
Fort Smith NT
X0E 0P0
Jeff Dixon
Land and Resource Consultation Officer
Phone: 867.872.4950
Fax: 867.872.5154
Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
Bag #5
Valleyview AB
T0H 3N0
Roxanne Mosionier
Phone: 780.524.3307
Fax: 780.524.2711
Sucker Creek First Nation
P.O. Box 65
Enilda AB
T0G 0W0
Clayton Cunningham
Director of Consultation
Phone: 780.523.4426
Fax: 780.523.3111
Swan River First Nation
P.O. Box 270
Kinuso AB
T0G 1K0
Darryel Sowan
Phone: 780.775.3536
Fax: 780.775.3796
Cell: 780.843.9351
Tallcree First Nation
105, 17707-105 Avenue
Edmonton AB
T5S 1S1
Shawna Kutt
Director of Social Development
Phone: 780.927.3727
Fax: 780.927.4375
Whitefish Lake First Nation
General Delivery
Atikameg AB
T0G 0C0
Darren Auger
Phone: 780.767.3914
Fax: 780.767.3922
Cell: 780.805.0953
Woodland Cree First Nation
P.O. Box 7710
Peace River AB
T8S 1T3
Lawrence Lamouche
Phone: 780.629.3818
Fax: 780.629.3898