TREATY 8 FIRST NATION OF ALBERTA -"As long as the sun shines, grass grows and the rivers flow..."


In February of 2005, a number of Chiefs and Elders representing Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta (T8FNA) gathered to discuss issues of significant importance to their communities.

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Information on livelihood consultations with Treaty 8. Contacts, government letters and information on treaty rights, water and land.

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What Treaty 8 is doing to protect our environment. Information on conservation programs and environmental events.

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Director of Livelihood

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies, Masters of Education in Leadership & Administration.

Work with: Treaty 8 Lands departments and Treaty 8 Leadership on Lands, air, water, and Treaty rights issues.

Home community: Chateh, Alberta (Dene Tha’ Nation).

Years worked at Treaty 8: 4+

Job description:

  • Under the functional direction of the Chiefs Livelihood Committee and its Chair, coordinates all technical activities of the CLC and Technical bodies.
  • Under the operational supervision of the COO, facilitates and monitors technical activities in relation to the approved Workplan and budgets.
  • Maintain liaison with the appropriate technical members of Federal and Provincial Governments as required.
  • Chair or co-Chair all Technical meetings including all meeting logistics.
  • Provide for all necessary reports and documents as required.


Things I care about: environment; Lands, air and water, plants, animals and Treaty rights.

PHONE (780) 444-9366 ext: 253


Livelihood Executive Assistant

 Office Administration Certificate Business Management Diploma From Bigstone Cree Nation# Will be 5 years with Treaty 8 Livelihood in August’2016 Assist Director of Livelihood Record/Prepare minutes maintain filing and other clerical duties as needed.

PHONE (780) 444-9366 ext: 231


Treaty 8 FNA sub Office