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Programs 1-20
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This program enables graduates to master the full scope of acupuncture as well as incorporate other aspects of TCM into their practice so they may be proficient in the clinical environment.

Athletic Therapist

Athletic therapists work with other health care professionals to advise athletes and coaches on the prevention and treatment of sports injuries, or treat members of the public who have musculoskeletal injuries.


Audiologists work with children and adults to prevent, assess, diagnose and provide treatment and counselling for hearing and balance disorders.


Biochemists study the chemical make-up of living matter and the molecular basis for processes that occur in cells. They develop medical, agricultural, food science, pharmacological, industrial, environmental and other practical applications.

Biolaser Technician

Biolaser Technicians assist biomedical or biolaser engineers in the operation of laser devices. This may include experimenting, testing and researching biolaser technology.

Biomedical Engineer
Biomedical Engineers design and develop medical diagnostic and clinical instruments and procedures. They also develop devices to assist the disabled, advise hospital administration on the use of medical equipment, and modify and install the equipment.

Biomedical Engineering Technician

Biomedical Engineering Technicians develop, test and install experimental bionic implants, artificial limbs, dental tools and various machines and electronic devices.

Cardiology Technologist

Cardiology technologists perform cardiology tests to provide information needed in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Cardiology technologists work with other health care professionals involved in diagnostic testing, monitoring and heart function evaluation

Cardiovascular (Clinical) Perfusionist
Cardiovascular Perfusionists work with cardiac surgeons and anesthetists by providing technical support during open-heart surgery. They analyze hemoconcentrations, administer under prescription various medical gases, anaesthetics, drugs, blood products and crystalloid solutions and are involved with long term pulmonary support.

Ambulance Attendant/Paramedic

Main duties of an Ambulance Attendant include assessing injuries, transferring the patient to emergency rooms, and providing medical staff with their observations. Ambulance Attendants and Paramedics provide first aid and pre-hospital medical services.

Child & Youth Care

Child and youth care workers work to improve the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of vulnerable children and adolescents.

Child Development Specialist

This includes assessing development in young children; developing and implementing public health prevention programs for parents and young children to enhance their opportunities for cognitive, personal-social, language, and motor development; and serving as a member of a multidisciplinary team to monitor the effectiveness of child development services.

Child Life Specialist
Child Life Specialists work in hospitals to help minimize fears and stress experienced by children, adolescents, and their families regarding healthcare experiences. They support the patient’s emotional, social, and cognitive growth in the context of his/her family, culture, and developmental stage. Also, they provide age appropriate and safe play environments. They are most commonly involved with medical preparation, medical play, procedural support, sibling support, bedside activities, and special events.


Chiropractors are health professionals concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. They emphasize manual treatments including spinal manipulation and adjustment.

Community Addictions Training

The courses address the needs of professionals working within the health, education, social service, justice and business sectors. They range from a basic introduction to addictions to more specialized training reflecting the latest developments in the effective treatment and prevention of addictions.
A second component of the TCS range of services includes the ability to develop, coordinate and deliver training programs tailor-made to meet the special needs of your organization or agency.

Community Diabetes Wellnes Worker

Aimed to assist in reducing the risk or preventing the occurrence of diabetes by promoting healthy lifestyles through individual, family and community-wide efforts. Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and active living, as well as regular screening for high-risk individuals and groups are major objectives

Community Health Nurse

Health Canada provides mandatory training for nurses who lack formal education in community health nursing. The training focuses on public health nursing in First Nations communities, with a particular emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention and community development.

Community Health Representative

The Community Health Representative Program is designed to provide the graduate with a sound basic knowledge in community health education, health promotion and community development. The graduate Community Health Representative will be able to assess community health needs, client health needs and will work with the community towards improving health.

Community Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation professionals help people with disabilities to live as independently as possible. Rehabilitation professionals care for a wide range of people in many settings, from family supports, infants in daycare, children in education settings to adults in community based support services. Our two-year diploma in Disability and Community Rehabilitation gives you the skills you need to ensure quality of life and self-determination for people with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory or physical impairments, behavioural disorders, mental health issues and traumatic brain injuries.

Aboriginal Community Support Worker

This entry-level human service career program is a gateway to either employment in a human service agencies or further learning. This program is an introduction to the skills necessary for helping individuals, families or communities. Learners will develop knowledge and skills in the areas of problem solving, health and wellness, life management., Aboriginal culture, interpersonal communications, crisis intervention, domestic violence prevention , addictions, computers, suicide prevention and first aid/CP