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Programs 61-80
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Environmental Health Inspector

Public health inspectors prevent disease and promote health by educating people about public health issues and enforcing health legislation.

The MSc in Epidemiology degree concentrates on the knowledge and skills needed to investigate and assess community/population health, to engage in etiologic studies, and to evaluate methods for promoting health, preventing disease, and providing optimal, cost-effective health care.


Molecular genetics is the study of heredity and variation in biological systems at the level of the molecules that transmit and express genetic information. This includes any of the steps that transmits information from DNA to the final organism.
If you have a degree in molecular genetics you might find employment in a variety of fields including medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology.

Gerontological Nursing

MacEwan's certificate program in Post-Basic Nursing Practice: Hospice Palliative Care and Gerontological Nursing combines the common skill sets necessary for practice in both of these areas while preparing graduates for rewarding careers in their practice specialty.

Health Administrator
Health Administrators coordinate the operations of various branches of the hospital, plan for future programs and facilities and work with the governing board, government officials and the general public to serve the needs of the hospital and its community. Health administration covers a variety of occupations. Duties vary depending on education. i.e. entry level, upper management

Health Librarian
Health Sciences Librarians and Library Technicians collect and organize medical information and help practitioners find the information they need for patient care, education, research, and administration.

Health Promotion
The graduate programs in Health Promotion were established to:
-encourage health promotion research.
-enable practitioners to function effectively in public, private, and not-for-profit agencies that plan and deliver health promotion programs.
-increase community leadership capacity in health promotion

Health Record Administration

Health information management professionals manage the collection, recording and transmission of health information. They translate information from paper documents to electronic records or integrate information into databases, interpret data, and ensure security and access to health information guidelines are followed.

Health Service Administration

Health Service administrators are responsible for the overall business management of health care facilities such as a hospital or nursing home.

Hearing aid practitioner

Hearing aid practitioners evaluate hearing ability; select, fit and sell hearing aids; and provide counseling and troubleshooting support for hearing aid users.

Health Informatics Scientist
Health Informatics Scientists identify what information and data are needed by doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, government planners and other health care professionals and how they are used in order to make effective health care decisions. They help to improve health care delivery systems by educating individuals to be effective developers, users and managers of health information resources.


Herbalists advise people about the use of herbs and dietary supplements to maintain good health and relieve symptoms related to conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, skin disorders or stomach ailments.

Holistic Health Practitioner

With a philosophical and theoretical approach to learning and practice, the Holistic Health Practitioner diploma demands caring, honest, self-directed students who take responsibility for their own health and learning. With a strong sense of empathy and ethics, Holistic Health Practitioner students share a thirst for knowledge and an intuitive understanding of the complex harmony of body/mind/spirit. If you desire a career that responds to people as unique, whole individuals, if you have an interest in complementary/alternative approaches to health, and desire to act as a change agent in the health care field, then you have found the program that is suited to you.


Homeopaths promote wellness by suggesting lifestyle changes and treat ailments by administering small doses of natural substances that cause similar symptoms.


Immunologists research new ways to make the human immune system work and to treat disease. Immunologists are concerned with the study of the physiological response of organisms when foreign materials are entered into the body. In the past, immunology was concerned mainly with the reaction of the body to infectious microorganisms, in order to develop effective vaccines. However, more recently, advancements in our understanding of immune response at the cellular and molecular level have led to improvements in areas such as organ transplantation, tumor immunology, auto-immune diseases and allergy.

Industrial Hygienist

industrial hygienists, supported by a wealth of technical specialists, untangle the often complex interactions between workplace processes and environmental factors. These include chemicals, noise, temperature, humidity, mold and other biological agents, lighting, vibration, ventilation, maintenance, protective equipment and process, product or equipment design and use. Our goal is to assist you to identify hygiene issues, understand their contributing causes, determine your options, and select the most effective means of achieving your objectives


Kinesiologist and Human Kinetists study human movement as it applies to life activities. Specialities include rehabilitation, sports medicine and sales of technical equipment. They also conduct research and ergonomic tests.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) work with a team of health care professionals, provide required care for assigned patients and make nursing decisions. They take vital signs, distribute medication to patients and help patients bathe, dress and eat. LPN's observe patients and report adverse reactions to medications and treatments to physicians.

Long Term/Resident Care Attendant

Long Term Care or Resident Care Attendants provide care to older adults with diverse needs. These attendants have the ability to work as a member of a team of multi-disciplinary health care professionals.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists assess the soft tissue and joints of the body and administer massage treatments to relieve pain and symptoms of stress, or to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function.