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Assembly of Treaty Chiefs
Starts: Oct 24, 2011
Ends: Oct 26, 2011
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Health Managers Training Forum
Starts: Nov 01, 2011
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Consultation Contacts
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The following is a list of consultation contacts for each of our member nations.



Athabasca Chipewyan
First Nation
110B, 9816 Hardin Street
Fort McMurray AB
   T9H 4K3 

Lisa King
Phone: 780.791.9131
Fax: 780.791.3311 

Beaver First Nation
Bag 2700
High Level AB T0H 1Z0

Terry Lynn Bulldog
Phone: 780.927.3544
Fax: 780.927.4064

Bigstone Cree Nation
P.O. Box 1710
Wabasca AB T0G 2K0

Cheryl Moberly
Industry Resource Coordinator
Phone: 780.891.3836
Fax: 780.891.3834

Chipewyan Prairie
First Nation
Suite 202, 9715 Main St.
Fort McMurray AB T9H 4W1

Shaun Janvier
IRC Director
Phone: 780.715.3401
Fax: 780.715.3463

Dene Tha' First Nation
P.O. Box 120
Chateh AB T0H 0S0

Baptist Metchooyeah
Consultation Officer
Phone: 780.321.3774 or
Fax: 780.321.3886

Driftpile First Nation
Box 326
Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0

Iyiniwok Consultation, Referral and Coordination Centre
Phone: 780.633-6423
Fax: 866.514.3067

Duncan's First Nation
P.O. Box 148
Brownvale AB T0H 0L0

Ken Rich
Director of Land & Economic Development
Phone: 780.597.3777
Fax: 780.597.3920

Fort McKay First Nation
P.O. Box 5905
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 4V9

Karla Buffalo
Consultation Liaison
Phone: 780.828.2480
Fax: 780.828.2481
Cell: 780.715.8113

Fort McMurray #468
First Nation

Site 405, Mod 4, Comp 1,
RR 2
Fort McMurray AB
T9H 5S1

Chief Albert Cree
Phone: 780.334.2293
Fax: 780.334.2457

Horse Lake First Nation
18166 - 102 Avenue
Santa Fe Plaza
Edmonton AB T5S 1S7

Audrey Horseman
Phone: 780.930.2011
Fax: 780.930.2012
Toll Free: 1.888.930.2011

Kapawe'no First Nation
P.O. Box 326
Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0

Iyiniwok Consultation, Referral and
Coordination Centre
Phone: 780.633.6423
Fax: 866.514.3067

Little Red River Cree Nation
P.O. Box 30
John D'Or Prairie AB T0H 3X0

Jim Webb
Phone: 250.788.6136
or 780.841.8028

Loon River First Nation
P.O. Box 189
Red Earth Creek AB T0G 1X0

Chief Arthur Noskey
Phone: 780.649.3883
Fax: 780.649.3873

Lubicon Lake Band
P.O. Box 6731
Peace River AB T8S 1S5

Chief and Council
Phone: 780.629.3945
Fax: 780.629.3939

Mikisew Cree First Nation
(Allison Bay
Indian Reserve #219)
Suite 208, 9715 Main St.
Fort McMurray AB T9H 1T5

Melody Lepine
IRC Director
Phone: 780.714.6500
Fax: 780.715.4098

Peerless Trout First Nation
P.O. Box 1128
Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0

William Houle
Communications/Trapper Coordinator
Phone: 780.869.3688
Fax: 780.869.3678

Sawridge First Nation
P.O. Box 326
Slave Lake AB T0G 2A0

Iyiniwok Consultation, Referral and
Coordination Centre
Phone: 780.633.6423
Fax: 866.514.3067

Smith's Landing First Nation
P.O. Box 1470
Fort Smith NT X0E 0P0

Cec Heron
Lands and Resources Manager
Phone: 867.872.2402
Fax: 867.872.5154

Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
Bag #5
Valleyview AB T0H 3N0

Curtis Mitchell
Portfolio Holder,
Lands and Resources
Phone: 780.524.3307
Fax: 780.524.2711

Sucker Creek First Nation
P.O. Box 65
Enilda AB T0G 0W0

Clayton Cunningham
Director of Consultation
Phone: 780.523.4426
Fax: 780.523.3111

Swan River First Nation
P.O. Box 270
Kinuso AB T0G 1K0

Darryel Sowan
Phone: 780.775.3536
Fax: 780.775.3796
Cell: 780.843.9351

Tallcree First Nation
105, 17707-105 Avenue
Edmonton AB T5S 1S1

Sheldon Hughes
Phone: 780.455.0304
Fax: 780.451.0116
Cell: 780.940.8464

Whitefish Lake First Nation
General Delivery
Atikameg AB T0G 0C0

Brian Tallman
Phone: 780.767.3914
Fax: 780.767.3922
Cell: 780.619.1535

Woodland Cree First Nation
P.O. Box 7710
Peace River AB T8S 1T3

Lawrence Lamouche
Phone: 780.629.3803
Cell: 780.617.1466
Fax: 780.629.3898